Friday, October 20, 2017

The stupidity of Antifa

The article below contains interviews with some Antifa members. It is hard to believe that they can be this stupid. One of the main objections to fascism is their animus towards free speech. This is what an Antifa members says:

“We don’t think fascism deserves free speech,” Bonnie said. “You give a platform to fascism, they will kill you. We want to shut that down before we get killed.”

Of course, this corresponds exactly to what a fascist would DO to the free speech rights of their opponents (although they would publicly deny such an intent) and it is completely lost on this fool. Someone should tell Antifa that the First Amendment exists to protect unpopular speech. You cannot convict or accuse others of a crime in advance of the crime as well.

The two sides are not equivalent; Hitler, Mussolini were fascists. Almost nothing compares to them. Antifa, in a country where the police in Berkeley, for example, are NOT tools of the fascists, only get in the way of justice and in fact, give actual fascists some cover when the fascists then generalize about their opposition. The tactic that will be used by White Nationalists, the KKK, neo-Nazis and others will be to paint all their opponents as free speech haters such as Antifa. And it will work to a large degree.

Thanks for nothing.

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