Friday, October 20, 2017

The so-called President's war on transgenders

Some will say that the so-called President is clever by starting this culture war against transgender persons in the military. Many Americans, as ignorant as the so-called President himself, will see merit in this policy and will actually believe that transgenders will pose some kind of risk and expense to the armed services. However the cost of treating transgender persons is estimated to be under $10,000,000 per year - basically the cost of a few of weekends at Mar-a -Lago - and less of an expense than the loss of the experience and training those persons represent. Do we need to mention the ingratitude shown to those who have volunteered for their country this would represent?

Persons who ultimately require a gender confirmation surgery are rare; it is not something you look forward to having. For those who need the surgery, it is their only path to peace of mind. There is no reason to deny them treatment any more than denying a person treatment for post-traumatic stress syndrome.

In the short run there may be some gain for the President. In the long run it will be a total loss for the country. This is just another disgrace by the so-called President.

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