Friday, October 20, 2017

Do deplorables prefer "Crazy"?

Rep. Massie is a Republican libertarian from Kentucky. In an interview earlier this year, he reflected that voters may not have been as motivated to vote for him for his libertarianism as much as for he being the craziest SOB in the race.

If he is right, and he probably is to a degree, this would explain to some degree the victory of Roy Moore for the Republican nomination for the Senate in Alabama who, without a doubt, would be the craziest SOB in all of Congress and that is saying a lot. This also says all quite a bit about certain voters - if this is true. In some circles, insanity is favored over sanity. This is not a joke. In Alabama, Republicans have nominated a person who just may favor executing gays, stoning women who are not virgins when they get married and who believes government should enforce Christianity. 

And the so-called President will support his candidacy. Is this deplorable?

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