Friday, October 20, 2017

The Arpaio Pardon

Written August 25, 2017, in Facebook

The so called President has pardoned convicted Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio is the sheriff who targeted and racially profiled Hispanics in Arizona for over a year after being told by courts to stop violating their rights. He was convicted of contempt. 

One of the talking points of the supporters of the so-called President will be that it was a political prosecution because it was announced just before the vote for the sheriff's position - which Arpaio then lost. However this excuse does not explain his actual conviction - he was indeed guilty.

The key reason for Arpaio's pardon is Arpaio's support for the so-called President. Arpaio endorsed the so-called President for the nomination and was a fellow birther; "Trump is likely a fan of Arpaio’s because Arapio is a fan of his—an early supporter who also went all in for birtherism, at one point sending members of a so-called Cold Case Posse to Hawaii to dig up something incriminating about Barack Obama’s birth certificate..." from the New Yorker.

That's the answer; they both promoted racist theories and policies - it's that simple.

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