Friday, October 20, 2017

The so-called President in unfit to be President

Written September 17, 2017 in Facebook

This is not normal behavior for a President. It is not fit behavior for a President. Is there any reason anyone should respect this President when he obviously behaves so disrespectfully towards others?

He brags about sexually assaulting women because he is a powerful man.

He spreads lies about President Obama place of birth to legitimize the first black President.

He lied about being wiretapped in Trump Tower.

He lied about seeing thousands of Muslims on roofs celebrating 9-11 to increase prejudice and anger against Muslims.

He lied about millions of people illegally voting for his opponent to increase mistrust of democracy and legitimize himself in an election where a foreign government worked to get him elected.

He lied about most Mexican illegal immigrants being rapists and murderers to increase bigotry against Mexicans.

He called global warming a Chinese hoax to increase prejudice against the Chinese and environmentalists.

He lied about the size of his inauguration crowd to inflate his own ego.

He lied about Ted Cruz's father being a part of the assassination of JFK to help himself get elected.

He retweets racists memes such as one that claimed blacks murder whites at incredible rates then never retracts them. ( )

He constantly spouts fake news (see above) then accuses the mainstream media of spreading fake news when they point this out, all for the sake of undermining the ability of Americans to know what the truth is.

He is a lying, crazy ego-maniacal bigot. Is any of the above false? Are any of the conclusions ridiculous?

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