Friday, October 20, 2017

Who shall we be cruel to today?

It seems as though, day by day, the current administration is finding new ways to be cruel to "outsiders." Minorities, Hispanics, Muslims, women, and of course, the current favorite whipping horse and those least likely to cause harm to others - transgender Americans. There is no reason to make their lives demonstrably worse except for petty revenge and viciousness. Revenge against whom? The answer, of course, is revenge against those who simply oppose the so-called President and the method of revenge is simply to do whatever will cause them pain or pain to those they support - in this case transgender Americans.

What good will the removal of protections against discrimination for transgender persons do for anyone? It will do zero good for anyone but except for those with ignorant hate in their hearts and much harm to a group of people who struggle every day with their sexual identity through no fault of their own. For the so-called President, the misery this will cause is no problem.

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