Friday, October 20, 2017

The "Law"

Written August 26, 2017 in Facebook

The so-called President pardoned Sheriff Arpaio who was convicted of Contempt of Court. Never mind that birther Arpaio behaved precisely as a bigot would behave. Never mind that the ex-sheriff was an early and ardent supporter of the so-called President. Never mind he was totally unapologetic. 

Consider this:
What will restrain other law enforcers around the country to curb their illegal activities if it is an activity the so-called President supports?

Violate the rights of prisoners? Pardon.

Violate the rights of some minority? Pardon.

Violate any law that the so-called President does not like? Pardon.

Keep in mind that ex-sheriff Arpaio did not yet have his appeal of his conviction - he was pardoned in advance of his appeal and sentencing. The Department of Justice did not have a chance to review the case for a pardon, which is customary. Why pardon him so soon? Because, in other words, the system is not to be trusted, according to the so-called President.

This is basically a pass to law enforcement to flout any law the so-called President does not like - he's got their backs.

It's as if there is no law in the country. The so-called President is the law.

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