Friday, October 20, 2017


Written Septemer 26,2017 inFAcebook

The Republicans have nominated the closest thing to a member of the Taliban for the senate in Alabama, former Judge Roy Moore. He was NOT the candidate of the "Swamp" (also known as the Republic establishment.) No, this is the "answer" to the "Swamp" and was supported by the likes of Steve Bannon and Sarah Palin; Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell supported Moore's opponent Luther Strange, the current senator, who lost the nomination. Here is what I am trying to say: the voters of the Republican Party are even more deplorable than their leadership, which is saying a lot! Would anyone say that voting for a candidate who cannot bring himself to oppose the execution of gay persons is not deplorable?

It is DEPLORABLE to cast a vote for Judge Roy Moore. A majority of Republicans in Alabama voted for Roy Moore. You do the math.

Where does the so-called President stand on this? During the campaign for the nomination, he endorsed Luther Strange, who had been very loyal to the so-called President, maybe even perfectly loyal. But here's the amazing thing; while most other Republicans leaders will be fleeing Roy Moore, I suspect that the so-called President will embrace Roy Moore, because Roy Moore loves the so-called President. That is all the so-called President will need to know.

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