Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Was Rep. Scalise possibly a homophobe and David Duke wannabee, saved by a black lesbian?

The world is so strange - you can't make this stuff up!

One of the hero cops who most likely saved a number of Republican Congresspersons lives yesterday is a married black lesbian woman, Crystal Griner. She was shot and injured in the gunfight but will recover. One of the lives she hopefully saved is that of Steve Scalise who had been in critical condition but recovering.

Will Mr. Scalise learn anything from his experience? Will the so-called President who visited the officer in the hospital? Go see http://www.cnn.com/…/trump-hospital-visit-scalise/index.html  .

So should Office Griner have less rights than other Americans Rep. Scalise and Mr. so-called President? If so, you have the chance to tell her that to her face - why don't you?

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