Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Pence for President?

I need someone to explain to me that even if you support the White House agenda, how you can still support the so-called President when his ostensible replacement, VP Pence, would pursue the same or similar agenda? Exactly what would be the problem if he were removed and Pence was the President. I say this even though I disagree with Pence on just about everything. I also say this even though it is likely that Pence has lied about various things, such as whether he knew that Mike Flynn was a foreign agent until well after he was fired.  A liar is not a nut at least.  I would gain nothing from Pence being President except that the country would not be lead by a sociopath or worse.

He is obviously a misogynist; bragged about sexually assaulting women and has been accused of telling the truth about doing so; has tweeted races memes championed by white supremacists such as Stormfront; promoted the racist meme of Obama not being a citizen or being a secret Muslim; lied about the unemployment rate under Obama; lied about the size of the crowd in Washington DC for his inauguration; named Gen. Flynn as his NSA director despite being warned not to do so; lied about seeing a video of thousands of Muslims celebrating 9-11 on roofs in New Jersey; fired the FBI director in order to obstruct an investigation into the former NSA director and the Russia probe; lied about up to 5million people voting fraudulently in the last election and all of them voting for Clinton; lied about Ted Cruz and his father; lied about his support of the Iraq War; and so on.

Exactly why must he remain President when he is obviously unfit and the alternative is a more fit conservative Republican? It is time to use the 25th Amendment.

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