Sunday, July 23, 2017

Junior, Manafort and Jared meet to conspire with Russians

An extra amazing thing about this story is that it is possible that this story was leaked to the NY Times by a Trump advocate who realized that since Manafort and, in particular, Jared Kushner had just updated some required legal forms to include this meeting with the Russian agent, that this story was going to come out anyway. They figured that leaking this now may be advantageous for Kushner whose omission is a felony. So they are making Donald Trump Jr. the fall guy because he is at lower legal risk since he is not in the government.

Yes, a Trumpster leaked this; but the so-called President will not be complaining too much. Instead he will be making excuses that talking to the Russians about probable illegally stolen emails is no big deal and that everyone does it even though he has said all along that his campaign has never done this.

But what of the two stories that Donald Trump Jr has told? At first Junior only knew the existence of the meeting was about to be known by the whole world so he told a story of a meeting about reversing a Russian policy outlawing adoption of Russian children by Americans. Then he learned that the email described in the NY Times article below was discovered and he had to change his story to accommodate this fact. Oh.

Now all that is needed is a copy of the email which I'm sure Special Prosecutor Mueller will soon obtain.

Is there any chance that Manafort, Kushner and Junior did not Tell the so-called President what was in the email? Did everyone but the so-called President know the Russians were trying to help him?

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