Monday, July 23, 2007

Why Mitt Romney is Perfect!

Ever wonder why the Religious Right seems to be gravitating towards Mitt Romney, the Mormon candidate for president?  I know I have!

Well, I have the answer: It’s because of all the candidates running, Gov. Romney has the LEAST integrity, and it’s a lack of integrity that the Religious Right cherishes above all else.

Consider the RR’s support for all things Bush; that would include Karl Rove, a.k.a. Bush’s Brain.  Yes, Karl Rove is an agnostic; at least he has admitted that he is not spiritual and has trouble with believing.  There have been reports that Rove’s office mocks many of those Religious Right leaders behind closed doors.  Yet, rather than be disgusted by Rove and Bush, the Religious Right has supported them in an unprecedented manner.  Why?

Because the Bush Administration, as per Karl Rove’s direction, kow-tows to the Religious Right, giving them billions of dollars in un-Constitutional federal dollars for discriminatory religious programs.  (We can’t say they’re “charitable” programs if tax dollars are being used.)

So it’s clear: Rove’s lack of integrity is irrelevant to the RR.  What matters is the willingness to pander.

Now who has pandered more than Romney?  He’s reversed himself on gays, separation of church and state, you name it, and all for one purpose: to please the Religious Right.

Here’s the latest item: Here is Romney on the campaign trail critiquing Barack Obama’s position on sex education in public schools; "How much sex education is age appropriate for a 5-year-old.  In my view, zero is the right amount.  Instead of teaching about sex education in kindergarten to 5-year-olds let's clean up the ocean of filth, the cesspool in which our children are swimming."  However, according to a article, “In a Planned Parenthood questionnaire he filled out during his 2002 gubernatorial run, Romney checked 'yes' to a question asking, "Do you support the teaching of responsible, age-appropriate, factually accurate health and sexuality education, including information about both abstinence and contraception, in public schools?"

He’s perfect.

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