Tuesday, July 24, 2007

To Impeach or Not Impeach – Is That the Question?

Cindy Sheehan has “threatened” to run for election against House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi if Pelosi does not allow impeachment charges to be brought up against President Bush and VP Cheney.

Of course, this is crazy talk; exactly how would it look for Pelosi herself to promote such an action when in fact she, Pelosi, would stand to gain the Presidency if indeed the impeachment was upheld in the Senate?  Answer: it would look bad, and, by extension,  it might look bad for the Democrats in general.  And anything that might prolong Republican Party rule by handing them an issue for the 2008 Presidential elections would be counter-productive for the Democrats, true or false?  Answer: True!

At the most, Pelosi would have to passively allow it; the Right-wing spin machine would have a field day (and would probably have one anyway) if she gave the slightest impression she was behind or supportive of such an effort.  Please remember that in past impeachment proceedings, the target was the President and the successor was to be the Vice-President, not the House Majority leader of a different party no less!  This is a huge difference.  And of course, is there any chance that enough Republicans would go along with this impeachment?  Unfortunately there is no chancewhatsoever.  It’s all moot, wing-nut craziness.

Here is the sad irony of this craziness, however; the US will solve none of its problems unless and until Bush and Cheney are removed from office.

Can the US find an adequate way out of Iraq that does not lead to civil war, ethnic cleansing or genocide?  Can it find a way out that does not drive the Iraqi Sunnis into the arms of Al Qaeda and/or does not hand over a portion of the country to Al Qaeda?  Can it find a way out that does not lead to a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran?

Whatever the best course of action might be, there is no evidence that Bush & Co. are capable of finding it.  Impeachment is the only course of action available that will speed up the process of bringing competence back to the White House, but unfortunately, that is just crazy talk.

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