Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beating a Dead Horse - Cutting Defense Saves Money

Just to make sure the point has been made, Defense is where the U.S. can cut costs safely and without causing human misery.

As an example, one can take a look at the most expensive weapon ever contemplated if you exclude those weapons contemplated by Darth Vader (and Dick Cheney as well.)  It's called the F-35 and it's made, sort of, by Lockheed Martin.

How much does it cost? Oh, just about $134,000,000 per plane.  The whole program?  It will cost about $1.51TRILLION.  Go to .

I guess if the damned thing worked, it might be worth it, maybe, possibly, somehow.  But it does not work just yet.  Other NATO countries have also been potential customers for the plane, but things are turning sour.  For example, in Canada, opponents of purchasing the F-35 point out that perhaps operational planes should be considered over the non-operational F-35.  Go to .

Who says the F-35 doesn't work?  A report from the Defense Department prepared by Michael Gilmore.  Go to: .

Oh well, we could always gut Medicare to pay for this non-operational weapon.

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