Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Paris Hilton Finds God

Thanks to Barbara Walters for breaking this important story: "Paris Hilton finds God!

It’s a great relief, as an atheist, to find out that Ms. Hilton is a theist after all!  It’s bad enough that people think Hitler was an atheist (he was a Roman Catholic) without getting lumped with Paris Hilton as well.

Prison seems to have this affect on many persons.  Jeffrey Dahmer, raised by his fundamentalist father to believe that if evolution is true, then we are all animals and the law of the jungle rules, reverted back to fundamentalism in prison.  According to Dahmer’s pastor, good ol’ Jeffrey was “saved” despite his serial killing.

How nice!  How merciful!

How little, then, does it matter what you do in this life if all can be forgiven just by asking for forgiveness to some invisible, undetectable being (who, if you haven't noticed, doesn't seem to answer prayers?)

At the same time, of course, if one of  Dahmer's victims was not a born-again Christian, they went to hell; but Jeffrey Dahmer?  No sir, he’s in heaven.

I’m so glad Paris, and before her, Jeffrey Dahmer found God.  Everything is forgiven, even if nothing is done to correct past wrongs.  Aren’t we all so glad for this?  Isn’t this a belief system that will make things better for the rest of us, in this life, on this earth?

Uh, no…


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