Friday, September 22, 2006

The Ballad of Larry Darby, part 2

Decatur Daily, 6/11/06) Mr. Darby told THE DAILY… that the Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education and the civil rights acts "empowered the communist popular front."  He said both brought unwelcome change to the South.

(Huntsville Times, 6/9/06) Larry Darby believes that Jews exaggerated the Holocaust, that the country should be all-white and that illegal immigrants should be shot on sight…

He said about 140,000 Jews died in World War II - not the widely accepted number of 6 million - and not as part of a Nazi plan…

Darby also believes groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit group based in Montgomery that promotes racial diversity, have led the state down the wrong path.  "The open-borders policy which has been advocated by the Jewish supremacists at the Southern Poverty Law Center, they are responsible for the browning of Alabama," he said.  "They're trying to wipe out the white race in Alabama."

(Montgomery Advertiser, 6/30/06) Darby trotted out the usual tired old canards about Israel that are staples of anti-Semitic figures the world over.  In a response to a candidate questionnaire from the Advertiser, he accused the federal government of "using Alabama servicemen and materiel to advance the interests of the subversive state of Israel."  He claimed the Holocaust didn't happen.  Darby called for a declaration of martial law in Alabama and said "mestizos" should be treated as prisoners of war.  Sheriffs and a "revitalized community-based constabulary" would be "first defenders" against illegal immigrants under his administration, he said.

(Mobile Register, 6/12/06) "White people understand that our race is in danger of extinction, and they appreciate that I'm out talking about it, and a substantial portion of them voted for me for that reason," Darby said in the phone interview.  "Races were not meant to be mixed, and after the United States becomes completely brown, the Jews are still going to be Jews."

Yes, this is pretty ugly stuff; and add to this the fact that he is an atheist, the election is in Alabama, and he’s running as a Democrat – no one will vote for him, will they?

Larry Darby was even denounced in advance ofd the election by American Atheists:

(The Anniston Star, 5/28/06) By now, most Alabamians should be aware of Larry Darby’s candidacy for state attorney general on the Democratic ticket.  Darby is an atheist, which does not bother me as I am also an atheist.

What does bother me is that Darby is giving atheists a bad name by associating himself with known neo-Nazi, white separatist and white supremacist groups, as well as Holocaust deniers.  Darby refers to the Holocaust as a "hoax," "shoah business," and the "Holocaust industry."  Darby thinks Hitler has been mislabeled and inaccurately portrayed by historians.  Darby likes David Duke and was upset when the media did not cover the KKK rally in Russellville when they were protesting illegal immigration.

Darby thinks that the U.S. government and media are run by the Jews, and he believes the Mossad (Israel?s intelligence agency) has an outpost in Montgomery.  If elected, Darby wants to declare martial law and shoot any illegal aliens trying to cross over the Alabama state line.

Darby is a racist and an embarrassment to the state of Alabama and the Democratic Party and to atheists and secularism.  Blair Scott, Director, Alabama Atheists

So how’d he do?

Huntsville/Mobile Register, 6/12/06) How could a Holocaust denier, whose belief that multiculturalism is part of a global war on whites, get 44 percent of the votes cast for the Democratic nominee for attorney general the highest law enforcement officer in the state?

Was it because his name starts with “D” and his opponent’s with “T,” so voters, knowing little about either candidate, picked the first one listed on the ballot?  In some cases, that is probably what happened, but that explanation can’t account for all of the 160,000 votes that Larry Darby received.

(Huntsville Times, 6/9/06) "I think it is noteworthy that the Democratic Party had an atheist candidate and avowed Holocaust denier get so many votes in their primary," said Tim Howe, executive director of the Alabama Republican Party.

Since the CFI-LI INQUIRER is not a newspaper that cannot afford financially to offend its readership, we can offer an explanation that they cannot: voters often do not know what they’re doing, and often, when they do know, it’s disgraceful.

As documented before, a majority of Americans had major facts about Iraq, WMDs and 9-11 all wrong, and those persons tended to vote for President Bush.  Those who had their facts straight tended to vote for Candidate Kerry – andlost.

Still others, of course, had their facts straight and voted for President Bush.  What does it all mean?

So consider that in Alabama, 44% of the electorate voted for Larry Darby, despite his atheism and his strenuous opposition to Judge Roy Moore’s popular Ten Commandments display.

Since his atheist constituency could hardly have been more than 15% of the voters, and most of them probably knew him somewhat better than most and were disgusted with Mr. Darby’s views just as Blair Scott of American Atheists was disgusted, all that could be left were either ignorant voters or voters who supported his racism and anti-Semitism and his hatred of all non-whites.

So this is what’s left for atheist to take out of all this: Just run for office – and make sure your last name begins with a letter early in the alphabet.  Nothing seems to matter anyway, unless it’s that appealing to voters’ worst instincts will get you a significant number of votes.

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