Monday, April 10, 2006

The Leaker in Chief

I love asking the obvious questions:

If Bush  had magically declassified the information that eventually was leaked by Scooter Libby, including bad CIA intelligence that was already discredited at the time of the leak, (but not apparently the life threatening info on Valerie Plame and her CIA cover company Brewster Jennings) why did he seem angry that someone had leaked classified info in the first place?

Why did Scooter allegedly lie about it to investigators?

Where is the documentation declassifying the info?  Is any documentation necessary or is declassifying such sensitive stuff done via brain-waves?  Where DID Scooter get the Plame info and did anyone tell him to leak it?

Why am I tormenting myself asking these questions when the answer is just too obvious? 

Bush declassified nothing and is only using this excuse as cover for avoiding a treasonous charge against himself.  Why would anyone admit that they blew the cover on a costly CIA front corporation that worked on WMD proliferation issues unless they thought they could get away with it?

Bush has been caught and is simply inventing declassification as a way of keeping it legal when it is completely obvious that NO ONE would seriously declassify the status of Brewster Jennings in the manner it is claimed it was done.  As usual, they simply did not consider the full ramifications of their actions which in this case was exposing Brewster Jennings.  Once again, they have proven themselves idiots.

If they seriously claim this info was declassified, shows us the papers doing so, and then explain why it was a good thing to do.

If the identity of Brewster Jennings was NOT declassified, someone is a traitor.   And that could include the President, the VP or Scooter himself.

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