Friday, March 24, 2006

Religious America's Dirty Secret

A new report came out this week documenting American attitudes and their biases and prejudices.  Actually it was about American bigotry when you come down to it and most specifically, what form of bigotry is so common that NOT to be bigoted in this way is politically incorrect!

Yes, it can only be about America's hatred of atheists: America hates atheists.

The report, by Penny Edgell from the Univ. of Minnesota, can be found here:

There can be no mistaking what is going on here: Religion teaches believers to distrust non-believers because if they didn't, why would you be a believer?  A religion that does not require membership for its purported benefits (such as an afterlife or reward in this life) is sure to fade away.  Why join if it's not necessary?  Hence, religions make claims of great reward for joining and demonize those who do not.  This is how a religion grows.   Keep in mind that many religions are immune to disproof - the alleged benefits lie after one dies - how conveeeenient!

Anyway, this comes on the heels of my organization, the Center for Inquiry - Long Island Community, challenging the God Squad (the Rabbi Marc Gellman and Father Tom Hartman) to a debate on the subject "Is God Necessary for Morals?"  They have so far refused.  What a shock!

Why challenge the God Squad?  Answer: Because they are so mainstream and universally hailed as "tolerant" yet are so malicious and nasty when it comes to non-believers.  For the whole sad tale and mountains of evidence, go to our website,   and read about it in our recent newsletter  You'll see examples and our press release and challenge.

More to come!


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