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Darwin Day - O'Reilly Style!

Written 1/5/05


The O’Dantone Factor: 

Somewhere Darwin Is Weeping...


By Gerry O’Dantone (with apologies and inspiration to Bill O’Reilly, go to,2933,142171,00.html  for an alternative version.)

Revenge of the theocrats: That is the subject of this "Talking Points Memo."

Well, the giant has awakened.  Millions of Americans are now aware that the traditions of Darwin Day are under fire by committed theocrats, people who do not want any public demonstration of scientific inquiry.  The situation is, of course, absurd.  Department stores refusing to post Merry Darwin banners, Denver and numerous other cities having holiday parades that refuse to have a float honoring Darwin, and schools everywhere refusing to teach evolution.

"The O’Dantone Factor" has been exposing these anti-Darwin people and they are under heavy fire.  The Museum of Creation actually asks, "Does Darwin Need to Be Saved?"  Here's a shock: They don’t think so.

The Museum director Ken Ham blames the dreaded evolutionists for causing the entire ruckus.  He then tries to demean the folks who think Darwin should be publicly respected, writing, "Everyone who rejects his history – including six-day creation and Noah's flood – is `wilfully' ignorant.''  (Go to .)

My favorite Darwin attack comes from writer Tim LaHaye, who claims that evolution is “a major component of this secular humanism…  The humanistic doctrine of evolution has naturally led to the destruction of the moral foundation upon which this country was originally built.  If you believe that man is an animal, you will naturally expect him to live like one.  Consequently, almost every sexual law that is required in order to maintain a morally sane society has been struck down by the humanists, so that man may follow his animal appetites."

No, it hasn’t, Mr. LaHaye.  There has been no loss of order, for example, in Massachusetts where gay couples may now wed or around the country now that sodomy laws have been struck down.  You, sir, are not telling the truth.  And again, we can prove it, thanks to those judges enforcing the Constitution.  And it proves Mr. LaHaye, a writer hiding under his desk until the rapture, is being dishonest, flat-out dishonest.

So why is this stuff happening?  Two reasons.  First, my argument that Darwin Day is a tradition that belongs in the public arena is a strong one.  If these smear merchants can diminish Darwinists personally, they don't have to deal with the argument.

And second, intimidation.  The CFI-LI INQUIRER (go to ) and its commentators stand in the way of the theocrat agenda.  Demonizing us sends a message to others who may challenge the theocratic cabal.  Do it and we will slime you badly.  So that's what's going on.  Another vicious battle in the American culture war.  Somewhere Darwin is weeping.

And that's the "Memo."

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